Torch Testimonials

With decades of experience shaping young lives, we are thrilled when both students and parents reach out to us with kind words.

Music is a way of life for us, but there is more to life than just music. We invite you to take a few moments to read the real-life testimonials that have come in to us over the years.

Torch Testimonials Past & Present 

"I wish I had this when I was a kid!"
Tom Hamilton, Aerosmith's bassist and parent.

"Paul, Alex and I wanted to let you know how important you’ve been to Alex during his three years in your classes. He has come to love music in large part because of you. You are both very gifted musicians and teachers and we feel lucky that Alex had the opportunity to be one of your students." 
Sally L., Parent

"I can’t say enough about Maura Lynch of Torch Light Music! My daughter has taken voice lessons there and she showed improvement in her voice nearly immediately. We have been very pleased with her improved confidence and we could hear that on her own personal CD that was recorded for her Maura Lynch’s recording studio."
Rachel F., Parent

"Thank you for sharing your passion for music with everyone. We are so grateful for all that you’ve done."
Joan S., Parent

"The instructors Maura Lynch & Clyde Ford are great with kids; talented, patient & kind. They are so gifted in what they do!! I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!"
Trish B. , Parent

"Hi Ms. Lynch, I can’t believe I won the American Idol Experience singing competition at Disney Studios. It was an incredible experience. I couldn’t have done it without your training and coaching these past 8 years. Thanks for everything you’ve done and I hope you and Mr. Ford have a great summer!
Sergie, Student

"You won’t believe what I did last Monday. I sang a Greek carol at my church all by myself and all of the teachers and parents called my mother to tell her how good I was. If I didn’t have you to teach me not to be scared of getting on stage, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Thanks!"
Irini F., Student

"Ms. Lynch has changed my life in several ways. When I don’t think I can do something, she believes in me and says that I can. I have always loved to sing and perform, but I was scared to sing in front of people. Ms. Lynch has taught me not to be afraid of performing for an audience. Now I perform all the time! Ms. Lynch has faith in me and I admire and appreciate her for that."
Katie P., Student

"You have been an inspiration to so many, and I’m glad in my life I had the chance to work with you and hope to again. I’m going to be great in life. I have confidence and you put it there. You truly have been an inspiration, I will never forget my time at your studio and highly recommend Torch Light Music. Thank you."
Jack J., Student

"For years the dynamic team of Maura Lynch and Clyde Ford have been doing much more than providing after-school entertainment for kids. Their music studio has been helping young people develop their talents (in some cases to great heights) and realize potential they were not aware they had. My two daughters (aged 7 & 11) have participated for years and the benefit is clear and obvious. "
Phil A., Parent

"Just wanted to thank you both so much for all that you’ve done over the past three years to show Emily just how fun and exciting the world of music can be.
Julie W., Parent

"Maura Lynch of Torch Light Music has changed the way that I am appreciating music. Not only has Ms. Lynch changed the way that I sing in a positive way, but they also helped me to discover myself as a performer. I began taking lessons at in my sophomore year of high school. When I began, I was very insecure about my voice and unsure how to manipulate it in a way that sounded good. After only a few one on one lessons with Ms. Lynch, I already felt more confident. By my senior year, I received a lead role in my school’s musical. The group lessons also offered here taught me much about the way that my voice can blend in a unique way with the voices of my peers. Ms. Lynch’s love of music is one that cannot be matched. Her dedication to each and every one of her students is truly inspiring and motivating. I recommend studying with Maura Lynch of Torch Light Music to anyone who has love and passion for music."
Nikki K., Student

"If I had to pick one person who has influenced my life the most this year it would have to be Ms. Lynch."
Jen E., Student

"Thank you for the classes that went deeper than music. I know that I have learned the first of many life lessons from you."
Erin T., Student

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